Tree of Life @ Central Plaza Westgate

Central Plaza Westgate is located at the Bang Yai Intersection which is the biggest gateway of western Bangkok. The area is also connected with the western route of the motorway that links Bang Yai, Ban Pong, and Kanchanaburi, which will be constructed to welcome the implementation of the AEC. All these makes Central Plaza Westgate a very strategic and prominent position to capture a big target shoppers. The concept of the Mall is “MetAsia” to be the “Center of Asia’s Future Lifestyle” comprising shopping center, lifestyle & entertainment complex and residential project.

With the overall concept of the mall in mind, Avant-Garde takes a very creative approach to conceptualise an iconic attraction to match with the overall theming of the mall. Our inspiration is derived from the aspiration of Central Group that is constantly re-inventing itself setting benchmark for the industry and making it’s own waves. The concept of Central Plaza Westgate is base on “Center of Asia’s Future Lifestyle”. With this inspirations, we create an attraction to give the feeling of grandeur, a touch of futuristic appearance which is intriguing and captivating for the shoppers.

The design comprises of a tree like structure evolving in a futuristic, symbolic and sustainable form within a water body. It resembles an urban oasis where a small area of water body and an iconic tree structure with the constant glowing lights that symbolise sustainable life. The existence of an oasis in the highly urbanisation provides a site for relaxation and rejuvenation. A place with life and hope.

The tree element addresses the articulation of the vertical space, symbolism and meaning. The 18m tall tree structure is cladded with flexible LED video panel which allows content to be played on it giving life to the tree. A Digital Water Curtain is hanging at the tree, raining water down, providing sophisticated water patterns that is intriguing and captivating to shoppers. Water is choreographed like waves to dance with the lights and music in perfect harmony in celebration of life. The wave is unstoppable, a force of nature that sweeps over everything in its path. It indicates strength and inevitability, but also a lack of thoughtful discrimination and futility of resistance. The Tree of Life is a reminder that one must live one’s life to the fullest.