Sol Valve

Direct Acting Solenoid Valve with IP68 Protection

Made of high quality Stainless Steel, the Sol Valve by Avant-Garde is a direct acting type of solenoid valve designed for use in many applications including underwater applications.

When the Sol Valve is used together with the water level sensor and the water level controller in a fountain installation, the Sol Valve will be installed in the make up water supply line, the valve can be used to regulate the topping up of water within a pool or in the surge tank when the water level is low. It will automatically switch off when the water level in the pool or tank reaches its maximum level.

The IP68 rated Sol Valve can also be used as a water switch due to the very rapid operating speed of 0.1 sec. This allows rapid cutting of the water to the nozzle to create excellent water effect. When used in a manifold set up, it is important to have a pressure release valve incorporated in the manifold to avoid water hammer on the pump. This will ensure that the fountain height will not be affected and the pumps are protected when valves are closed.