MUSE™ Variable Speed Pump

Dynamic, Variable Speed DMX Control 230V Pump

Traditionally, fountain companies uses big centrifugal pumps and tons of manifold to build fountains. Choreography of the fountain jets are achieved with the help of solenoid valves or water switches, turning the water jets on and off. Expensive Variable Frequency Drives (VFD) are installed to protect the pumps and also to adjust the flow of the water resulting in varying the fountain heights all together. During all these time, the pumps are still running at 100% capacity whether the fountain jets are on or off.

Choreography and energy conservation are the two primary reasons for using the Variable Speed Controlled MUSE™ pump and there are more.

With our revolutionary Variable Speed DMX Controllable MUSE™ pump, installation is make easy. Be it a musical fountain or an interactive dry deck/splash fountain, the configuration is one pump one fountain jet. Each pump is attached with a fountain jet and the pump is individually controlled via DMX which is a common show programming protocol.

MUSE™ pumps are made of high quality durable plastic and they are suitable for both fresh and seawater application. All pumps are IP68 protection rated with over temperature and over current protection.

Key Features:

  • ease of setting up the fountain
  • exciting and unlimited variation of choreography to your fountain
  • reduce initial investment on the complex plumbing work
  • few pipes will reduce the penetrations and minimise risk of water leakage
  • requires shallower pool which result in lower floor loading and less expensive to build
  • less water means reduce filtration
  • eliminate the use of high maintenance solenoid valves or water switches
  • free up expensive Gross Floor Area (GFA) in commercial development for better usage
  • pay less on your electricity bills
  • fresh and seawater application