Animatronic™ 2 Axis Jet

Fully Controllable 360° Robotic Dancing Fountain

The innovative Animatronic™ 2 Axis Jet can be choreographed to make a dancing fountain spectacular. It’s three dimensional water movement is made possible to a highly sophisticated 2-axis robotic drive with precise positioning to achieve perfect synchronisation of multiple nozzles.  The pivoting range of 140° on the pan and 140° on the tilt axis allowing unlimited movement in all directions. This innovative drive allows the creation of a whole new myriad of water patterns. The multi-directional movement of the vertical nozzle creates movement that is artistically beautiful and entertaining as a water display. In terms of programming, the Animatronic™ 2 Axis Jet opens up a wider range of choreography possibilities limited only by the imagination of the programmer.

Made of robust stainless steel and equipped with an efficient motor with absolute precision and strong torque, the Animatronic™ 2-Axis Jet, can be installed above or underwater. It is suitable to use with any vertical nozzles, Variegator™ Jets, and fountain nozzles that you like to see swinging and dancing around. Illumination of up to 4 x 45W RGBW LED set can be added to the fountain set on request.

Key Features:

  • 360 degree movement above water level
  • 2-axis (Pan and Tilt Axis)
  • Home position
  • Individually controlled
  • Water level independent
  • Pool Depth requirement
  • Variable speed with position control
  • Ideal for musical fountains display