ECOficient™ Classic DMX Pump Series

Safe, Reliable and Energy Efficient 24V DC Variable Speed Pumps

The Mesopotamians invented the first “pump” about 3000 B.C.; they had previously used buckets alone to water their crops in the Nile River valley. Their shaduf, or swipe, was a long wooden lever that pivoted on two upright posts situated on the riverbank. A pole with a bucket attached to it was suspended from one end of the lever, with a counterweight fixed to the other end. To operate the water pump, the user pushed the pole down so that the bucket filled with water; the counterweight then helped to raise the bucket, which was emptied into a trough that led to the irrigation ditch constructed between the river and the fields. The shaduf became popular throughout the Middle East, and was the only form of water pump used in that region for the next two thousand years.

Today, there are many different kinds of pumps to meet different applications. Avant-Garde has created a special Brushless DC (BLDC) pump that is safe, reliable and energy efficient for the fountain applications. Our revolutionary low voltage 24VDC Variable Speed DMX Controllable ECOficient™ pumps are designed to optimise pump head and flow. With our ECOficient™ pumps, you will get the following benefits:

  • safe and reliable 24V BLDC technology
  • ease of setting up the fountain
  • exciting and unlimited variation of choreography to your fountain
  • reduce initial investment on the complex plumbing work
  • few pipes will reduce the penetrations and minimise risk of water leakage
  • requires shallower pool which result in lower floor loading and less expensive to build
  • less water means reduce filtration
  • eliminate the use of high maintenance solenoid valves or water switches
  • free up expensive Gross Floor Area (GFA) in commercial development for better usage
  • pay less on your electricity bills
  • fresh and seawater application
  • dry and submersible application

ECOficient™ pumps are made of high quality durable plastic and stainless steel and they are suitable for both fresh and seawater application. All pumps are IP68 protection rated with over temperature and over current protection.