Variegator™ Jet

All-In-One Multiple Water Patterns Fountain Nozzle

The Variegator™ Jet is Avant-Garde’s  latest innovation in the creation of fountain pattern. With only one single nozzle, the Variegator™ Jet  is able to create dynamic and multiple water patterns. It offers a straight vertical spray to a trumpet water spray and everything in between, all using just one nozzle and one pump. It is extremely easy to use via simple DMX control.

Unlike other products in the market which requires 2 pumps to vary the water patterns resulting in using more DMX channels and complex programming, the Variegator Jet is compact and robust in design allowing the nozzle to be used as standalone or it can be mounted on a single or 2-axis drive to achieve far more choreography possibilities.

The revolutionary 24VDC motor uses very efficient power that consumes minimal power with built in absolute positioning sensors for precise water patterns.

Available in 1.5”, 2”, 2.5” and 3” models for different heights and also available in special material for seawater application is possible on request.

Key Features:

  • Variable Patterns
  • Individually controlled
  • Low Flow Requirement
  • Built in Absolute positioning sensor
  • Ideal for any sequencing or dancing fountain
  • Possible to attach to a 1 or 2-Axis drive