Ballerina™ Dry Deck Fountain Set

A Revolutionary Dancing Fountain for Splash Pad

The innovative Ballerina™ Dry Deck Fountain Set is a fountain system that is designed to install in splash pads and dry deck scenario and it consists of a robotic drive that enables three dimensional water movement. The fountain set has a movement angle of 30° in all direction and yet safe for any splash pads or dry deck installations. This innovative fountain set allows the creation of a whole new myriad of water patterns and movements that is artistically beautiful and entertaining as a water display for dry fountains or splash pads which traditionally have only vertical spouting water patterns.

The Ballerina™ Dry Deck Fountain Set truly opens up a wider range of choreography possibilities limited only by the imagination of the programmer, making dry fountain and splash pads more fun and interesting. Most importantly, it is safe for kids to access even when the fountain nozzles is moving.

Made of robust stainless steel and equipped with an efficient and safe 24VDC motors, the Ballerina™ Dry Deck Fountain Set, can be installed in a dry or wet environment. Illumination is possible with 3 x 9W RGB LED.

Key Features:

  • Efficient and safe for Dry Deck application
  • 30 degree movement
  • Complete with RGB illumination
  • Individually controlled
  • Water level independent
  • Suitable for wet or dry application
  • Variable speed with position control
  • Ideal for dry deck or splash pad applications.